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Hello, Friends!

Which character are you? 

Take the quiz to find out!


1.  It is a rainy day outside.  You decide to:

A. Stay inside and read – it's the perfect time to snuggle up with a book!

B. Make art for your bedroom walls – there are still blank spaces for paintings!

C.  Who cares about the rain – it's time for an adventure outside!


2. Your favorite plants are:

A. Purple violets.

B. Little mushrooms.

C. Fluffy dandelions.


3. Nighttime is:

A. The best time of day and when the most fun is to be had!

B. Time for sleep, warm blankets and a soft bed.

C.  Sleepy time, but it is also fun to spend time looking at the stars.


4. When is your favorite season?

A. Spring, when the flowers return, and the trees begin to fill out again.

B. Autumn, when the leaves turn yellow, and the air is cool.

C.  Summer, when it is hot and the sky is full of butterflies.


5. Water is most fun when you can:

A. Look at it from a distance.

B. Stick your feet in it.

C. Run through it.

If you answered mostly As, then you are Owl.

You appreciate the night skies and love all the beauty you see.

If you answered mostly Bs, then you are Hedgehog.

You are artistic and love all the colors you see in the world.

If you answered mostly Cs, then you are Little Fox.

Nothing can stop you from an adventure – no matter the weather.

If you have a mishmash of answers, then you are the best of all 3 characters!

Fun and Free Downloads

Little Fox Adventures Word Search

Craft Project: Little Fox Door Hanger

1. Download the image from here.
2. Print out on cardstock or paper.
3. Color the picture anyway you like and then cut the hanger from the page.
4. Write your name on the line and a special message below the picture. 
Some ideas: busy sleeping, out on an adventure, come on in!


Copyright 2022 Elizabeth M. Reinhart

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