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   I have been knee deep in the writing, publishing, and marketing aspects of my business Dreaming

Pine Press for some time now, and each day brings new challenges, excitement, and insight.  When

I first embarked on my adventure, never in my fanciful imaginings would I have believed the changes

and personal growth I would experience.  Once the writing began, so too did the daydreaming and

the rekindling love affair of words.  Muses began to pop up like little fairies in the most peculiar places, and I seem to be reconnecting with the world with a childlike wonderment once again.  It is

a thing of beauty.


   Of course, on the surface the Little Fox stories are children's books.  But, adults, I wrote these stories for you as well and it all began with a basic question as a catalyst: Is life complicated...or do we sometimes become so overwhelmed that we confound ourselves and muddle our own thoughts?  I understand this all too well and recently found myself in that very spot. 

   With both my parents now gone, I struggled with the overwhelming gravity of what was ahead as I

navigate the world without them.  These books began as a way for me to hold on to the lessons my parents taught me and gave me a way to remember all the things they wished for me in life.  They are messages of kindness and patience to ourselves and others even when we feel lost or confused.  The character of Little Fox is the embodiment of this journey-full of sweetness, confusion, frustration, wonder, and laughter.


   And so, I hope as you read these stories with little ones, you take the time to consider your own interpretation.  I hope that you will find some wisdom in the words, and remember that despite how complicated life becomes, there are still some things that are beautifully simple.

   With that, welcome, Friends.  I am excited the walk this road with you.

    Elizabeth M. Reinhart

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